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Will Alimony Be Awarded In Your Florida Divorce?

Alimony — sometimes called spousal support or maintenance — is a major disputed issue in some Florida divorce cases. The laws governing alimony awards are complex, and there is a strong movement within the legislature to change them in significant ways, including by eliminating permanent or "lifetime" alimony.

If you believe that you should receive alimony and want to maximize it, or you want to avoid a burdensome alimony order that will hold you back financially for years to come, knowledgeable legal representation is essential.

Diligent Analysis To Set Achievable Goals And Protect Your Future

At The Law Office of Paulette Hamilton, PA, we offer clear counsel and strong advocacy for people across the cultural and economic spectrum who are facing divorce. Alimony and complex property division are pivotal concerns for many of our clients in Windermere, Winter Garden and elsewhere in Orange County.

You can count on attorney Paulette Hamilton for straightforward, realistic guidance on your rights once she has a full understanding of your marital and work histories, financial resources and other factors. Key issues to consider may include:

  • Judges have far greater discretion in awarding alimony than in ordering child support, and uneducated assumptions about Florida alimony often lead to disappointment.
  • Any of several types of alimony may be awarded, beginning with temporary alimony (alimony pendente lite) to sustain the lower-earning spouse while your case is in process.
  • Based on a vast range of factors, including the length of your marriage and your earning capacities, alimony can currently be awarded to "bridge the gap," for a specific time period or on a permanent basis.
  • In divorce and paternity cases involving people of significant income and means, it is often possible to negotiate lump-sum settlements or other compromise solutions instead of long-term alimony payments.

"[Attorney Paulette Hamilton] helped me to get alimony after being married to an abusive man for eight years.... I am very thankful for her and her hard work." — an excerpt from a divorce client's review, as posted on the website Avvo.com

Experienced Orlando divorce lawyer Paulette Hamilton will take your financial worries seriously and fight for the best possible outcome in your case. For a consultation focused squarely on your needs, please call 407-490-1487 or email us and request a consultation today.

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